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Nina began painting her nails and sharing them on Instagram when she was in graduate school as a way to unwind. Soon, she found that people were engaging with her nail art in a surprising way!  Nina learned that she had real a passion for painting her nails during this time, she had finally found an outlet for her creativity in a medium that she is loves.

SCRATCH was born out of the idea that nail art should be accessible to everyone, at any time.  Nina began her SCRATCH journey as CEO by designing, curating, and manufacturing her own nail wraps and sharing them with people all over the world through their subscription service. Nina has designed over 70 nail wraps and has distributed hundreds of thousands of nail wraps through their subscription service as well as via retailers nationwide. 

SCRATCH nail wraps are vegan, Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty free, and printed using hand-mixed 5-free nail polish inks- this means your nails look like they were hand painted. They use minimal, recyclable packaging and because the nail wraps are super thin, they hug your nails just like nail polish and remove simply with acetone, making nail art changes super easy and quick. 


Nina has painted nails during NYFW, create nails for TV shows, and work on projects with companies such as Buzzfeed, Nike, Dunkin' Donuts, The Food Network, Puma, CVS, Dyson, and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, and I've been featured in Harper's Bazaar, NPR, Refinery29, The Coveteur, WhoWhatWear, Allure Magazine, Nail It!, Nail Pro, and Nails Magazine.

Looking ahead, she is excited to work with fellow artists to create nail art that expresses new concepts and designs.



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