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About ManServants

ManServants offers chivalrous gentlemen here to show the world how to treat women right.

Back in 2014, co-founders Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah were in advertising when they asked themselves what women really want. And in true daydream sequence, they realized they wanted ManServants—chivalrous gentlemen sent to treat women like queens, with the assured promise of keeping their tuxedos on.

What started out as a joke then became a mission to bring ManServants to life. They quit their jobs and became accidental entrepreneurs. Gone are the days of the damsels in distress—this is the Chivalry in the Age of Beyonce.

In their first-ever product launch, the Ladies of ManServants have created rolling papers sealed with adoration. Designed by their in-house designer extraordinaire Jessica Haag, each paper is designed to be rolled for a lady of leisure as an offering. Because women know how to open their doors and roll their own joints, but they shouldn’t have to all the time.


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