Blazers + Trailblazers: Marsha Ann


Marsha Ann

San Francisco, CA


Marsh Ann is a skateboarder, customer service maven at Thrasher magazine, a student studying  a child and adolescent development major and future elementary school teacher.


How She Trailblazes:

Marsha Ann is a native San Franciscan that has found her passion for skateboarding at the age of 15.  Every skateboarder reads the “skateboarding bible”, Thrasher Magazine, and she is fortunate to work in an industry that she cares about.  Skateboarding is just one part of Marsha Ann’s full life.  She recognizes the discrepancies that exist in our public schools and is passionate about closing the opportunity gap.  She is working toward her masters degree in Child and Adolescent Development and will work directly with students to make a lasting impact in the field of education.


How She Blazes:

Marsha is active and smokes Sativa joints before (and after) skating with the homies.  When she is ready to relax, she enjoys and indica joints with her boyfriend before bed.


Favorite Print:  

Vintage Roses, Barbie’s Powder Room, Fiesta Flowers, and other other floral prints