Blazers + Trailblazers: Nick Metos

Nick Metos

Los Angeles, CA

Nick is a professional makeup artist, classically trained vocalist, and social influencer. Nick creates art through makeup and music, models for brands and is starting to take on acting. 

How He Trailblazes:

Nick got his start by creating weekly facebook live tutorials which allow him to showcase His wide range of makeup skills and highlight his angelic sound and seductive vocal range. He is opening up minds with the unique way he expresses himself. He blurs the ideas of “gender” by busting gender norms as he portrays life and he lives it. 

How He Blazes:
Nick loves smoking with Papers + Ink papers in addition to taking classic bong rips, dabs, pipes. He enjoys Jack Herer when he feels high energy, but also enjoys a good hybrid, like Wedding Cake.  He tends to be attracted to strains with mango or lemon in the name :-)

His favorite print:

Leopard ChuChu-teal pink and of course his exclusive custom design KEYS + KISSES 💋 featuring his kisses and signature xo.