Phoenix ishii™ small batch botanicals

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  • Soak, Steam, Sip,Smoke 
  • USDA Organic or Wildcrafted herbs + botanicals 
  • Eco-friendly global ingredients 
  • Sustainably harvested 
  • Handpicked, hand-blended, hand-packed
  • GMO- free
  • Each package contains 10g
  • Vegan and cruelty free- We love animals and our planet. This product is cruelty free and never tested on animals and we make sure not a trace of animal byproducts in production. 

Herbal blends exclusively formulated by our head herbalist and lady of the biome flora. Blend No1 is carefully crafted as the perfect base mix for use on its own or for incorporating with other herbal blends. This grounding blend has the perfect neutral taste and scent specially formulated not to take away from the natural taste and terpenes of other plants but to enhance it with added benefits. Roll up these natural blends with Papers + Ink™ pure organic rolling papers and kick out the harmful nicotine and tobacco while keeping the relaxation and the ritual. Made with handpicked organic ingredients and hand-blended in small batches to perfection.

These herbal blends may be used for smoking, but can be enjoyed as a tea to sip, steamed, vaped, and bathed with to harness the plant energies and benefits. See ingredient list below to see what the herbs + botanicals have been known to help with.


    headaches, personal difficulties, nosebleeds, sinus infections, energetic purification,
    respiratory issues, chest congestion, antiseptic, antiviral, heart health, hair health, calming, sleeping aid, mild sedative, lung healing, mild euphoric, tobacco alternative
    anti-inflammatory, calms muscle spasms, heals ulcers wounds, hemorrhoids, oral health, skin soother, boosts healing rate of wounds, those who are nervous, prone to fear, or gone through a shock in the nervous system, boosts body's defense
    goddess, invokes spirit of love in the mind and strengthens the heart
    belongs to the mint family, relaxation, stress relief, sleep aid, reduces digestive issues, menstrual cramps, headache reliever, anti-inflammatory, sedative, tranquilizer, promotes a sense of calm and relaxation, mild euphoric coupled w giddiness



    • NOTES

        • Please note our studios are closed on weekends and national holidays.
        • Phoenix Ishii™ botanicals typically ship within 2-5 studio days.
        • Please keep products away from moisture and direct sunlight. Store in cool dry surroundings.
        • Each package contains 10g of specially formulated USDA certified organic botanicals and herbs. Due to the organic nature please consume product within the best enjoyed by date on package, typically 12 month shelf life.



      • --Please note our studio is closed on weekends and national holidays--


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